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04 January 2011 @ 12:47 am
New Look?  
WOW. so i totally had the urge to redo closet scribbles. and Id say It looks better this way! NOW I just need to finish everyones requests.. WHICH I WILL! Im doing them tonight. haha.  Just so people know I work at 3 other sites.. so i Usually have 5 requests per week. Thats why i usually forget requests.. its not because Im careless or disorganized (okay maybe partly disorganized XD) But Im trying to keep up here. haha.

I love my LJ requesters though~ they give me awesome requests to do! and thats what i want!  ALSO. One thing if people want- If they have alot of characters in there story.. i can make a Character chart with your poster.. If you dont know what that is then just go to the artwork samples and look at the samples i have under "Character charts"

XD Happy new year people!